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Hensel Studiotechnik proudly presents: the Hensel 360° Car Studio - the highly professional solution for high-quality car photography. Quick to use, with an easy-to-use, self-guided APP, with high-end professional quality results as you would expect from one of the market leaders in the international photography industry. Hensel 360° Car Studio is the lighting authority when it comes to vehicle photography.

Take a seat

Get comfortable inside the car of your dreams. Hensel 360° Car Studio produces a high resolution interior panorama - captivating and inviting. Because the inner values count as well. It’s AUTOmagic.


Get high-quality images for your web presence lightning-fast and without relevant technical skills with the Hensel EasyApp. Drive in, get out, the rest does the Hensel 360° Car Studio for you thanks to the self-guiding EasyApp. Hensel 360° Car Studio turns you into a photography pro in no time. Just trust the AUTOpilot.


Photograph your vehicles directly after the preparation. Scan the VIN and start the exterior panorama. Place the interior module on the driver’s seat and shoot all the detail photos which are important to you. That’s how you receive a complete image data set of the vehicle for your presentations. Fully AUTOmatic.


Your vehicles – your image data. Benefit from the local storage structure of the images via the VIN, which makes the integration into your IT network trouble-free. This means that no additional costs for external data management are generated. You will stay AUTOnomous with no strings attached.


The centerpiece of the Hensel 360° Car Studio is the extremely flat turntable with a diameter of up to 7 meters. Convenient if your vehicle is a bit larger. Loadable with 4 tons, by request even more. Great when your vehicle is a bit heavier. From convertible to van with L4 and H3, your vehicles have found the right stage. Hensel 360° Car Studio – everything but AUTOfree.


Be completely in control of what is happening to your high-res, professional data. From online marketing to large-format print ads and posters. Local storage or upload to a cloud system? Whatever you are planning, start your project now. Be AUTOmobile.


Short downtimes decide your success. Hensel 360° Car Studio sells through professional image quality and a simple, effective handling. Hensel 360° Car Studio – puts your sales volume into AUTOrotation.


Hensel 360° Car Studio corresponds to you and your requirements. The Hensel team advises you at your location, plans together with you at your location and reliably assembles your Hensel 360° Car Studio at your location. Signed with an AUTOgraph.


Norbert Lanzloth
Telefon: +49 (0)172 6546119
E-Mail: norbert.lanzloth@hensel.de

Susanne Kuhlmann
Telefon: +49 (0)171 4535602
E-Mail: susanne.kuhlmann@hensel.de